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I have spent more than 35 years in law enforcement and corporate security. Over the years, I have worked in field training, crime prevention, SWAT, criminal investigations, narcotics and internal affairs. I have also held multiple supervisory positions at sergeant, lieutenant and captain ranks. I currently serve as a captain in the Plano, TX, police department.

My career as an author began as a favor to my sister who happened to be writing a screenplay about a murder. Because her background didn’t include police work or investigations, she asked me to take a look at it. I immediately recognized that her fictional suspect would have gotten caught within five minutes in the real world. I agreed to write the story for my sister as a manuscript that she could later convert into a screenplay.

Even though that first manuscript never saw the light of day, I was hooked. I went on to write two crime novels, The Listener and The Shooting Season. My professional background and knowledge of police procedurals informed my writing, and I often draw from my experiences when writing crime fiction. However, unlike most crime writers in today’s marketplace, my writing is profanity free. Appealing to a wide audience, my books are clean enough for teenage fans of police narratives yet still intriguing enough to captivate suspense readers of any age.

Sage Alexander and the Hall of Nightmares is my first foray into young adult fantasy and serves as the foundation for a seven-book series based on the seven deadly sins. It was born out of an endearing request from my grandson, Sage, who asked me to write him a book for Christmas. My ultimate goal with this series is to simply write stories that Sage and his brother Nikhil will love reading.

I have three sons and five grandchildren. My wife of nearly 40 years and I live in McKinney, TX.

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