The Sage Alexander Series

After the Seven Princes of Hell escaped the underworld, becoming gods became their obsession. Spawned from the angels banished from Heaven, the Seven have lured the soul of man into their influence since the beginning of time. Supernaturally gifted angelic-human warriors – the Angelic Response Council – have been disappearing over the past thousand years, and their ranks grow thin.

Prophecy holds that in the Council's darkest hours a boy will emerge, Sage the Warrior, divined to possess all twenty-two angelic gifts and become the Council's ultimate warrior. He will seek out and destroy the Seven Princes of Hell one by one, and lead humanity away from the brink of their own annihilation.

Future Books in the Series

It's been a year since Sage's mission inside Mammon's prison. Although greed is largely gone from societies around the world, Sage knows his job is far from finished. While on a camping trip, a disciple of Belphegor, the Prince of Sloth, drags Sage's younger brother into a subterranean universe whispered only as legend in the corridors of the Angelic Response Council. The Wastelands, an area surrounding the mythical Tartarus, exists within the Dark spiritual realm and is fatal to normal humans after 48 hours. Sage has no choice but to rescue Nick from the abyss as soon as possible. The attack isn't just revenge against Sage for a beast he killed the previous summer, the remaining Princes of Hell know this is their chance to kill the boy of prophesy before he slays any more of them. Sage's grandfather also deploys into the void, leading a team of Angelic Response Council warriors determined to free Sage and his brother.

Residing in Tartarus are the ancient Elioudians, ancestors to the original Council, who provide scouts to lead Sage and his brother through the evil territories controlled by the Emim, Rephaim, and Nephilim. The only route back to the surface is through the Territories, known in Tartarus as - Hell.

Who are the Elioudians and what secrets do they possess that will help Sage defeat the remaining Princes? What of the Watchers, the angels expelled from heaven – bound and shackled in the Wastelands – who telepathically communicate with Sage? Who are the Magog, the tribe of giant Nephilim guarding the Great Granite Gate leading back to the surface? The expedition to escape the underworld is a race against time, with Grandpa's team desperate to reach the Elioudian scouts leading Sage through the Territories before all are overtaken by a collection of creatures found only in nightmares.

In this action-packed sequel to Hall of Nightmares, Steve Copling continues Sage Alexander's quest to rid Earth of the Seven Princes of Hell. With new characters, different creatures, and a world beyond imagination, Blood of Seth expands the mythology of the world surrounding the Angelic Response Council and their eternal battle between good and evil.

After a catastrophic failure when attempting to possess the mind of Leviathan, the Prince of Envy, more than a century ago, the Angelic Response Council outlawed the use of the angelic gift of Possession. The "Experiment of the Three" resulted in the loss of three powerful Council members, including Sage's fifth great-grandfather, Arthur Alexander, a former leader of the Council, whose encyclopedic knowledge of Council operations was legendary. The bodies have been kept in cold storage for more than a hundred years in hopes they would one day reunite with their souls. Are the souls alive, trapped within the mind of a Dark Angel beast? Are they searching for a vessel to invade within the spiritual realm? Have they landed within the human population, their hosts unaware of the valuable information they hold? Or are they trapped within the mind of Prince Leviathan, afraid to make themselves known for fear that their valuable information would be exploited?

Phillip Alexander, Sage's uncle, attempts to replicate the Experiment of the Three and barely survives the experience. Phillip isn't sure where the souls are, but he believes Sage can find out and rescue them. Before Sage can help his uncle, he needs training in the gift of Possession. The only man in Council history capable of providing that training is Simon the Possessor, the most gifted practitioner of Dark Beast Possession the Council has ever had. But Simon has been dead for a thousand years, and the only way for Sage to travel into the past to train is by putting Theo, one of Sage's most trusted allies, in peril of grave physical harm. It would also mean breaking the most forbidden Council rule, risk changing the present by altering the past, and defying Council Leader, Abigail Vaughn, the person who expelled Uncle Phillip from the Council decades before for using Possession. Even should Sage survive his training, leading a team through a haunted forest and into Prince Leviathan's castle to conduct the rescue is only the beginning. Extracting the souls, reuniting them with their bodies, and getting out alive are where the real hazards lie.

This operation, kept secret by Sage's closest inner circle, is the most dangerous thing he has ever encountered. The risks are countless, but the potential payoff – living within the mind of a Dark Prince for even a short time – could forever alter the course of the war between good and evil, and accelerate the discovery of the remaining Dark Princes. Will Sage's choices lead to someone's death?

Steve Copling has done it again. Sage's development as the most feared Council warrior continues during this epic mission. The Angelic Response Council's daunting task of ridding the world of the Seven Princes of Hell takes a giant step forward in The Castle of Lost Souls, the latest saga of Sage Alexander.

Greed was first. Then Sloth and Envy. Three Princes of Hell gone. Four remain. Sage Alexander's family has been targeted by every Prince thus far, and the Angelic Response Council knows it will only get worse. Sage and Elsbeth are slowly becoming more than just best of friends, and that worries Sage, given the desperation of the remaining Princes. Despite the risks, both want a deeper relationship. The question is whether the remaining Princes will give them time to explore one.

In central Africa, the Congo River cuts a dangerous path through a seventy-five mile stretch of canyons called "The Gates of Hell," where the rapids are impassable. In the center of this canyon is the hidden entrance to a lost city where Beelzebub, the Prince of Gluttony, operates a biochemical lab that practices alchemy of the ancient and evil Emim race, the creators of hundreds of creatures throughout history. When Theo, Sage's hometown friend and ancient ARC member gifted with Sight, sees the results of a virus being created from the bloodline of Rameel, one of the original Fallen Angels, he becomes convinced that a crippling plague, a genetically modified virus causing Prader-Willi Syndrome, is about to be unleashed upon humanity. The virus would have devastating long-term affects upon the human race, eventually leading to near total destruction.

The Council sends a scout team, led by Sage's grandfather and two uncles, but they disappear inside the lost city. Sage and his hand-picked, battle-hardened team of warriors respond. Does the world hang in the balance? Certainly. But this is personal for Sage – he knows losing his grandfather would destroy him. But what Sage and his team discover upon their arrival affects Elsbeth so profoundly that her and Sage's budding relationship might end before it really begins, and that would be Sage's biggest loss of all.

In the action-packed fourth installment of the Sage Alexander series, the stakes are higher than ever – and gluttony is forever redefined.

With countries all over the world struggling to survive the devastation caused by the Prince of Gluttony, Sage feels the weight of the world upon his shoulders.  To top it off, while Sage fights to make sense of his deteriorating relationship with Elsbeth, he observes the ever-growing power of the remaining three Princes of Hell on society, especially Asmodeus, the Prince of Lust. Sage and Elsbeth know that their increasingly disturbing thoughts about each other are slowly consuming them, and that such feelings risk the chance for a wholesome future together, but the yearning is strong and mounting. The only answer might be to break off their relationship for good.

Then tragedy strikes. Prince Asmodeus assaults the very soul of the Angelic Response Council by leading a shocking raid of the Tomb of Ancient Documents. The Tomb's location is the most closely guarded secret the Council has, and the daring raid can only mean one thing: betrayal. Several Council members are killed, the entire library of documents is stolen, and the Council is rocked to its foundation.

Sage assembles a small response team, including Elsbeth, and the two of them battle through their personal distractions to attempt to rescue the library. Using a gift Sage has told no one about – one not recorded within the annals of Council history – he determines that the entirety of the Tomb contents has been loaded upon a transport ship sailing from Turkey to an uncharted island off the tip of South America. The trip will be a long one, giving Sage's team plenty of time to wage an assault. But they must survive the Atlantic Ocean's hurricane season, and navigate a ship being operated by more creatures per square yard than any other place in the world. The Prince of Lust serves as captain of the massive ship of monsters, and he is determined to arrive at his destination with his precious cargo intact. Sage and Elsbeth are forced to set aside their immoral demons if they want to slay the real ones threatening their survival.

In this gripping fifth book of the Sage Alexander series, the battle between good and evil collide in the most personal way possible, and Sage must fight that battle on two fronts: to save the soul of the Council, and his relationship with Elsbeth.

With five of the Seven Princes now destroyed, the remaining two become desperate for their own survival. The human world is vastly improved without the influence of the Princes. Charitable giving is at an all-time high; the gluttony displayed by food-rich nations now openly share with starving nations; crimes of lust have fallen to record lows; the changing mind-set of humans across the globe has resulted in an amazing drop in cheating and stealing and other crimes of envy; and finally, the drastic reduction in the slothful nature of hundreds of thousands around the globe has produced record low unemployment and a historic rise in entrepreneurship.

The two remaining Princes - Wrath and Pride – have tried to fill the void of their banished brethren, but it's too much for just the two of them to handle. In their view, the human race has gotten totally unmanageable, and they blame the Angelic Response Council – and one young man in particular – Sage Alexander.

The Prince of Wrath, Aamon, is determined to kill Sage the Warrior, and will do whatever is necessary to succeed. But finding Sage, now living in the Council's new secluded headquarters, has been futile. So Aamon forces Sage into the open by seizing his entire family during an Alexander family reunion. To make matters worse, the hostages are being held within the Dark spiritual realm and three of Sage's family members are not angelic-human. Their minds will totally and permanently collapse if they are exposed to that world for more than twenty-four hours. They will be dead within twenty-four.

Aamon sends his Hellhound to deliver a horrific message to Sage – he will trade Sage's entire family for Sage and Elsbeth. He has forty-eight hours to decide before his loved ones start dying – one every hour, on the hour. Sage fights to keep his own wrath under control while Elsbeth keeps him from totally abandoning logic and reason. Sage's most dramatic rescue operation will leave scars that may never heal, and Sage's family devastated by loss.

With Sage's life devastated by loss, it's all he can do to function as the leader of the Angelic Response Council's Warrior Group. With four members of his family dead, he now leans on Elsbeth more than ever to get him through the dark times. His personal cost to rid the world of the sixth prince was higher than he ever imagined, but humanity is a better place because of it. Without the hatred and rage the Prince of Wrath spewed upon the people of Earth, conflicts around the globe begin healing themselves, war-torn nations suddenly find common ground, violent crime plummets, humanity is finally on the right track – except for one trait – Pride, the real root of all of the other sins.

The Prince of Pride, Lucifer, knows that if he doesn't do something earth shattering soon, he will be the last to fall. The Prince's billions give him advantages few on earth possess. With safe havens established at key locations around the globe, he flees to his castle in the Black Forest of Germany and orders a strike that will send the world plummeting into pandemonium: He explodes a nuclear bomb fifty miles above Kansas, sending an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) over the entire United States, killing every computer chip and circuit board in the country. With one move, he shoves the most powerful nation on earth back into the technological Stone Age. Within weeks tens of thousands are dead, cities are complete chaos, the government is broken, and crime of every type explodes to levels never before seen. With the United States crippled, rogue elements in other nations know the time to strike is now. Land and oil grabs, assassinations, government overthrows, and invasions become commonplace. The world burns.

Turmoil reigns within the Angelic Response Council when the Dark Prince sends a group of Grim Reapers to attack their defenseless headquarters.  Sage's leadership skills are pushed to the limit as he leads a team to battle the Prince of Pride at his castle. Although the Prince has prepared well in advance for this final battle with Council forces, he doesn't fully understand the lethality of Sage and Elsbeth's angelic powers.

The final installment of the Sage Alexander series ends in epic fashion as the World of Darkness transforms into a world of hope.

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The Rush/Chinbroski Series


The Rush/Chinbroski Series takes place in the mid-1990s, a period in law enforcement where the wonders of DNA were just beginning to surface. There was no iPhone or Facebook or Instagram. The Internet existed, but websites were more of an oddity than commonality. The wave of the incredible technology we see today was just beginning to bubble.

Greg Rush, a former FBI task force detective and the more cerebral member of the partnership, has an adult son - a defense attorney that relishes representing clients arrested by his father. And although Detective Rush feels the end of his law enforcement career is coming to a close, he understands that he speaks for the victims of violent crime. He plays by the rules, most of the time, but isn't immune to justifying the means to reach a good end.

Rick Chinbroski, Rush's rough-around-the-edges partner, finds true love in The Listener, but nearly loses everything in The Shooting Season. He is loyal to his partner and unwilling to compromise his commitment to stand by him to the very end, even if it means risking his own life. While his attitude about how to approach a case differs from Rush's, they each share a passion about finding justice for those now unable to cry for help.

The Rush/Chinbroski series is also about the bad guys and what motivates them. Much time is spent in the point of view of the villains, for to understand what drives them is to understand the challenges the detective team faces in catching them.

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